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Import & Wholesale

HCP SUPPLY LLC is one of the nation’s largest direct importers, selling wholesale variety goods and closeouts. we have become the premiere wholesale distributor of fast-selling, unique items at discount prices. We continue to treat each of our customers the way we would like to be treated. We are, and have always been, committed to being High Cost Performance Supply Chain Integrator

We import large quantities of bulk merchandise directly from manufacturers overseas, warehouse them, and sell to wholesalers and retailers. Our over 680000 square-foot warehouse in the world, contains millions of pieces of merchandise, allowing us to provide a 99% fill rate on orders, and great substitutes for any out-of-stock items. At any given moment we have tens of thousands of unique sellable items in stock that serve many different industries.

Closeout & Liquidation

HCP SUPPLY LLC have more than 10 years of experience in the closeouts & liquidation business,We buy every type of product you can imagine,HCP SUPPLY LLC is able to offer the highest industry premiums for your product,because our close relationships with buyers,Our reputation for quality, combined with our years of industry experience and knowledge, means we can offer you the highest value possible for your inventory,We are closeout buyers and not brokers,We pay quickly via bank transfer,Allow you to free up precious retail and warehouse space,Cut overhead and operating expenses.

Your valuable brand name will be protected
HCP SUPPLY LLC have exported closeouts and overstock inventory to our customers in South America,Africa,Middle East,Southeast Asia.Exporting closeouts will keep your merchandise out of the USA marketplace and prevent complaints from your current customers.

We sell Closeout & Liquidation deals by the truckload, container, pallet, or single item.

Global Sourcing

HCP SUPPLY LLC can be utilized to decide on the right market to manufacture your OEM products, parts, and components and to find a supplier that meets your exact requirements. We Sourcing from countries such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, or other developing countries

HCP SUPPLY LLC is a sourcing partner that steps in to make the process easier and be your eyes and ears on the ground for global product sourcing. We have been a global sourcing company and procurement agent for over 20 years. We originally focused on China and Asian suppliers in the 2003s and have gradually expanded our expertise into other developing countries around the world.

We have continued to develop and grow our global product sourcing team and now have a network of international sourcing engineering specialists and offices in other developing countries in Asia and beyond. We Corporate office in Houston TX USA,that can handle all of your local and international sourcing requirements. We work locally as your sourcing partner to find a supplier and procurement solution that best suits your needs while reducing production costs and proactively managing quality control risks.

General operations
Find the right suppliers,
Audit the supplier’s facility
Analyze their operating conditions
Quality systems
Document existing issues and requirements
Create a corrective action report.
Meticulously manage them through continuous improvement, and Re-evaluate the purchasing strategy periodically

HCP SUPPLY LLC sourcing specialists can also find your ideal supplier in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, the USA and Mexico. Considering the current uncertain climate of trade between China and the US, associated tariffs, effects the global supply chain and China in particular, supply chain diversification has never been more critical.

ODM/OEM & Private Label

HCP SUPPLY LLC offer Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services for our Customers. We offer process capabilities for complete or partial quick turn prototyping services.

Our highly skilled product designers in our advanced design and R&D centers will work with your design team to complete your design and ensure manufacturability. We will accelerate your time to market and your ability to produce volume quality product. Your ideas will come to life quickly, on spec and on time,Because we have a complete and mature supply chain.

Our team consists of experienced experts who possess extensive knowledge and are able to provide customized solutions to our clients. We understand the needs of our clients, and through in-depth communication, we design the best solutions to help our clients quickly launch their products and enhance their market competitiveness.

HCP SUPPLY LLC have a complete supply chain, mature product,we can quickly design packaging, labels, and replace them with your own brand products,Let you have a unique product in the market,better for you to sell online or in your store.

If you are looking for a reliable ODM/OEM & Private Label service provider, we are committed to serving you. Whatever your needs may be, we will provide you with the best solutions at the fastest speed and with the highest quality service.

We collect and adopt good ideas, if you have good idea, please let us know, once we adopt it, you will get rich rewards and rewards. sent email to

Transportation Logistics

HCP SUPPLY LLC is your ideal partner for comprehensive Asia and North America logistics services,offering world-class ocean, land and air transportation expertise,We provide you with a diverse range of integrated solutions fully tailored to meet all your needs.

Our over 680000 square-foot warehouse in Asia and North America, warehouse storage is free, we ensure the very finest in Full Container Load (FCL) shipments, Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipments, Consolidation shipping, our goal is simple, to move your cargo where it needs to go,

We select the airline that caters to your shipment needs and service requirements,Where time and freight permit, other cost saving alternatives will be suggested for your consideration,International airfreight demands fast and efficient communications,we provide our customers fast and accurate information about their shipment status.
Our close relationships with the airlines ensure that customers will enjoy the best of service.